Friday, November 13, 2009

A little death

The icy tongues of the infected ones
lick your wounds and load your guns.
I'll meet you where the river runs
with the blood, with the last of breath
of the twins, both life and death.
We'll wash away their madness.
You've been hypnotized by clever lies disguised as culture
that gives you time, and gives it away.
But I've got something that will make you real.
You be my devil and I'll be your deal.
I know the way you want to feel; hypnotized
And let me slip into your secret place you hide.
That's where I'll stay.
(A little death)
By the banks in the afternoon,
(A little death)
in the alley, straight to the moon,
the attraction that is coming soon
(A little death)
to the theater of the ritual bliss,
(A little death)
will unfold from the lips you kiss.
You won't remember ever feeling this hypnotized.
The gentle cries that silence screaming
will be yours if you act today.

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